Best Parking Mode Dash Cam 2021 [Dash Cam with Parking Protection]

With the increase in the trend of vehicle safety and security, people are looking for the best parking mode dash cam 2021 for their cars so that they can park their cars easily and go shopping or in a meeting without stress.

With a whopping increase in the number of automobiles, the need for their security has also been increased. Here, we have shortlisted some of the best parking mode dash cams of 2021 that have the best and top-quality results.

Why you need a parking mode dash cam?

The question that arises here is why anyone would want to buy a parking mode dash cam? Actually, most of the incidents and crimes happen in the parking lot. There is almost no one is present in the parking lot.

A desolate place gives a way to crime. In case of any unfortunate incident around your vehicle or even an impact/motion around your vehicle needs to be recorded. Though, there are cameras mounted in the parking lot but, you should also have proof of the incident.

So, having a dash camera with parking mode saves you from troubles. You can easily check what happened when you were not there.

Top Rated Best Parking Mode Dash Cam – Reviews

The following are the best parking mode dash cameras of 2021 that you are going to find in the market.

Name RatingCheck Price
Thinkware Q800 Pro⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
VOIFO A129 Duo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thinkware U1000 4K⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
BlackVue DR900S-2CH⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Thinkware Q800 Pro- Best Dash Cam with Parking Mode

Thinkware Q800 Pro Dual Dash Cam

Thinkware has always kept the bar high with every new launch. They have the best dash cams in the market, equipped with new and improved features. Q800 Pro is equipped with all basic and innovative features.

The lens used is specifically designed to record 2K footage in QHD with crisp, clear ad vibrant results having a high-resolution of 2560 x 1440. Also, the camera has a night vision mode for clear videos.

Most of the incidents and accidents happen at night, so, night vision improves the footage quality. Moreover, the prominent feature in this dashcam is parking mode surveillance.

Criminal activities are mostly done in the parking lot. Therefore, it is important to have a dashcam that has the best parking mode feature. Thinkware Q800 Pro dash cam has the best parking mode surveillance feature.

You don’t need to stress about your car being parked anywhere. Enable the parking mode and relax. The camera automatically captures the footage of the incident. Not only the incident, but the dashcam also captures the video a few seconds before and after the impact.

You can also enable the battery saving mode while parking the car. This will reduce battery drainage and increases battery life 3 times. Furthermore, the cloud service gives you every bit of information about your vehicle.

To use the cloud features, you just need to download the app on a smartphone and can enjoy all the features. Geofence technology notifies you when the vehicle moves out of the predetermined geographic region.

Another parking mode feature is a time-lapse setting with a record at 2 frames per second. It means that the camera will capture two photographs per second. With a 140-degrees wide-angle camera, you will get a wider view of the road ahead. All in all, Thinkware is one of the best parking mode dashcams in the market.

Parking Mode Features

  • Detects motion
  • Impact motion
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Power saving mode
  • Parking mode integration

Technical Specifications

  • Dual camera
  • 140-degrees wide-angle lens
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • Driver assistance system


2. VOIFO A129 Duo- Dash Cam with Parking Mode

VOIFO A129 Duo Dual Dash Cam

A129 dual dash cam is one of the best parking dashcams from VOIFO with all the advanced features. This small wedge-shaped camera catches your attention as you put your eyes on it. Visibly pleasant looking, this dash cam provides you complete security.

Talking about its features, the best part is the buffered parking mode. Buffer parking mode enables the dashcam to start recording events leading to impact. The camera keeps capturing the footage even after the impact, for a few seconds.

Yes, not only the moment of impact but the camera keeps recording the video 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after the impact. This is the best feature in terms of parking mode as it records complete information leading to an impact and even after the impact. For a better parking mode experience, you should buy VOIFO HK3 hardwire cable.

Other than that, Sony Exmor R 8MP Sensor and Sony STARVIS 2MP Sensor improves the video quality. These sensors brighten the gloomy and dark places for better and clear results.

Moreover, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi saves you from all the worries. The file-sharing is done through Wi-Fi and built-in GPS gives you details of every single second about your vehicle.

Another essential feature of VOIFO A129 is low bitrate recording. This option is a part of the parking mode. You can turn on the low bitrate recording feature when your car is parked. The camera keeps recording the footage at a low bitrate to save storage.

Furthermore, at time-lapse the video is recorded at low frames per second, to make a long file. Also, if Wi-Fi is not working you can connect your dashcam through Bluetooth. Besides, the camera is equipped with temperature protectors to deal with extreme temperature conditions.

A sensor is incorporated into the chip specifically for temperature detection. When the temperature reaches the limit, the gadget automatically shut down to protect the camera from overheating.

For better video quality, an optional circular polarizing lens can be used to reduce the glare and reflections. To sum up, the VOIFO A129 dash cam is the best parking mode dash cam launched in recent times.

Parking Mode Features

  • Buffer parking mode
  • Low bitrate recording (in parking mode)
  • Motion detection
  • Detects impact

Technical Specifications

  • 4K video Front, 1080p Rear
  • 130-degrees angle front lens
  • 140-degrees angle rare lens
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • G-sensor


3. Thinkware U1000 4K- Parked Car Security Camera

Thinkware U1000 4K Dash Cam

This Thinkware U1000 comes with all the advance and improved features that you need in a dashcam for better road security. As Thinkware, known for its quality, so it always comes up with something new and improved.

The prominent and most amazing part of this dash cam is the Radar Module System. This setup increases the battery life on parking surveillance mode by reducing the power consumption. Majorly, the car is parked outside and the camera keeps draining the battery.

Radar Module increases the battery life and keeps the camera running. Also, when an impact or motion is detected by the Radar Module, U1000 wakes up automatically and starts recording. Also, the time-lapse feature enables the camera to record long footage when the car is parked.

In case of event/impact, the camera records the footage 20 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact. Generally, the camera doesn’t save footage and restarts Energy Saving Mode 2.0.

In case of a strong impact, the notifications are sent to the family of the owner if the driver is not in the condition to do so. The family members can easily locate the point of the incident.

Moreover, a notification is sent to the owner in case of a strong impact while the vehicle is parked. Besides, 150-degrees wide-angle camera captures the complete footage of the road from one corner to the other.

The lens captures crisp, clear, and sharp footage in 4K UHD or 2K QHD. You can switch to either of the two options. The Night Vision technology automatically adjusts the light in dark or bright spaces.

Furthermore, an advanced driver assistance system enhances the road security experience. If you are driving off the lane, U1000 will start giving notifications. Also, the camera will give alerts when the distance from the car ahead is too short.

Besides, you will also get notifications about the upcoming speed and light cameras. To sum up, Thinkware U1000 is the best parking mode camera which is also equipped with all other advanced features.

Parking Mode Features

  • RADAR Module
  • Detects motion
  • Detects impact
  • Time-lapse
  • Energy Saving Mode

Technical Specifications

  • Dual camera
  • G-sensor
  • STARVIS Image Sensor
  • 150-degrees wide-angle camera


4. BlackVue DR900S-2CH- Dual Dash Cam with Parking ModeBlackVue DR900S-2CH

DR900S-2CH by BlackVue is also among the best parking dash cams out there in the market. Most of the time car is parked outside and you are not aware of what is happening behind it. So, it is very important to choose a dash cam having the best parking mode features.

The most significant feature in DR900S-2CH is buffered parking mode. This mode enables the camera to detect impact and capture video automatically a few seconds before and after impact in order to give you complete information about the incident.

Moreover, advanced parking mode technology saves you from all the worries. Just turn the parking mode on and go shopping. With built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, you will get complete information about your vehicle every single minute.

Even if you are not present in your car, you are going to receive every piece of information about your vehicle through the cloud app service. Just download the app on your smartphone and get your cam connected.

The video quality is also amazingly outstanding. The camera captures clear, crisp, and vibrant footage in 4K UHD. All in all, this dashcam is among the best parking mode dash cam with all the basic features.

Parking Mode Feature

  • Detects motion
  • Detects impact
  • Cloud storage

Technical Specifications

  • Image sensor
  • 162-degrees wide-angle camera
  • Dual camera
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi


What to look for in a Best Parking Mode Dash Cam; Buying Guide

The first thing that should be kept in mind while buying the best parking mode dash cam is that there should be a capacitor or internal small battery incorporated in the camera. The battery of the dashcam is very small is not able to supply power to the dashcam for a long period of time when the car is parked and turned off.

The capacitor supplies power to the dashcam to immediately store the last video when you park the car and turn off the ignition.

Hardwire Kit

This Hardwire kit is a power adapter used for better working of your dashcam in parking mode, especially. Hardwire is plugged in the fuse box of the car. The purpose of the fuse box is to protect electrical circuits in the vehicle. Fuse box also supplies power when the vehicle is turned off, like headlights.

So, connecting the dashcam and car through a hardwire kit supplies power to the camera when your car is parked. That’s the only way your dashcam will get a continuous power supply and it will keep recording.

External Dash Cam Battery

If the dashcam you bought doesn’t have a hardwire kit then the other option is an external battery. The internal battery or capacitor installed in the dashcam is not for providing power supply but to save the last video.

Although, hardwire serves the purpose of supplying power to the dashcam but some people don’t prefer to keep plugging the wire in and out. They don’t want this kind of stress. So, an easy thing would be connecting the dashcam with an external battery.

Connect the dashcam with an external battery pack and relax.

Cloud Connection

After setting up the power supply to the dash cam in parking mode, the next thing is where do you want to store the recorded files. You can select the cloud storage option which is much more safe and secure.

In case of any unfortunate incident, there is a possibility of your vehicle and dashcam getting damaged completely. Also, files also get corrupt. However, if you connect your dashcam with cloud technology, you can store many files there.

Design and Build

The camera used for the purpose of monitoring has to be small in size. Gone are the days of hefty looking gadgets. Also, your car is almost your mini room, so, stuffing it with a big fiddly camera doesn’t seem a nice idea.

Always try to buy a camera that is sleek and compact and doesn’t occupy a lot of space and can be mounted easily.


Although, the products described above have been shortlisted are the best parking mode dash cam presently available in the market, but our personal favorites are

  1. Thinkware Q800 Pro Dual Dash Cam
  2. VOIFO A129 Duo Dual Dash Cam

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