Best Motorcycle Dash Cam 2021[Dash Cam for Motorcycle]

If you are looking for the best motorcycle dashcam 2021 for your bike and are unable to find any then you are on the right track. Here, you will find all the necessary information regarding the best dash cams 2021 specifically made for motorcycles.

In this new age, road safety and security have become an increasing concern for the people. With accidents taking place around the globe, you definitely need to have a camera that provides you with all the minute details of your road trip.

Here, we have shortlisted one of the best motorcycle dash cams equipped with all the basic functions and improved technology for a safe, secure, and better road experience.

Top Rated Best Motorcycle Dashcam – Reviews

The following are the Best Motorcycle Dashcam of 2021 that you are going to find in the market.

NameRatingCheck Price
Tachyon 1080p- BikerCam⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
AUKEY- Motorcycle Dash Cam⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Halocam M1- Motorcycle Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thinkware F800 Pro⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
VSYSTO- Motorcycle Dash Camera⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Garmin 55⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Tachyon 1080p- BikerCam

Tachyon 1080p BikerCam

Tachyon is one of the most dedicated motorcycle company, known for its quality products every time. This time, also, Tachyon has come up with one of the best motorcycle dashcams to keep the security of your bike intact.

The camera starts working as soon as the ignition starts. The auto-start and stop feature saves you from clicking the on-off button every time you are on the road.

Moreover, the added plus on this gadget is rainproof technology. Yes, you can easily ride your bike in all weathers. The rain won’t affect the camera and the video capturing quality.

Furthermore, the video quality is stupefying. Tachyon is one of the best cams in terms of video quality. In all weathers, the cam keeps capturing videos to provide you with all the details.

In addition, the night vision technology installed in it helps in capturing clear and crisp video in gloomy and dark places. You don’t need to press on the night vision feature. The high-dynamic sensor feature enables the cam to automatically start the night vision mode.

Further, the wide-range lens used in the cam saves you from the fisheye effect (which makes the image distorted). With the loop recording feature, the latest file overwrites the oldest file. You don’t need to worry about deleting the videos.

Also, you can charge the cam while recording. Besides, it supports memory cards from 64Gb to 256GB. The battery timing is of one whole day. So, you don’t need to worry about putting the camera on charge the whole day.

With the mounting set up in 8 different directions, you can easily put the camera in your desired place. All in all, Tachyon 1080p BikerCam has to be on your bucket list.

  • Easy to mount
  • Night vision
  • Auto start and stop
  • Timestamp issues in some units


2. AUKEY- Motorcycle Dash Cam


Over the passage of time, dash cams have caught the interests of bikers for the security of their vehicles. With an increase in demand, the companies always try to bring up something new to make their product different from the rest.

Aukey cam is among the best dash cam you are going to find in the market these days. Talking about the features of the Aukey dashcam, loop recording is one of the most prominent features of this dashcam.

The camera keeps adding the latest video and simultaneously overwrites the oldest one. So, you don’t need to keep adding or deleting the footage. Moreover, you can shortlist the videos that you don’t want to delete to keep them safe.

The emergency footage recording feature enables the camera to capture the footage of impact automatically. To make the recording more effective, the night vision feature has been added. The night vision brightens or keeps the light dull where required. Also, High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology makes the footage crisp and clear.

The best thing about this dash cam is that you will get this fully equipped dashcam without putting stress on your pocket. HDR technology keeps control over the glare from street lights and from the on-coming headlights.

As most of the accidents happen at night, so, it’s important to have such a dashcam that can capture clear footage at night. Furthermore, the wide-angle camera captures clear footage from one end of the road to the other.

In addition, to make your experience even more relaxed Aukey bike dashcam has been equipped with the feature of extreme temperature operation. The supercapacitor used in this dashcam enables the camera to bear extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

To sum up, you will get all the needed applications at a reasonable price. This dashcam is surely among the best ones in the market these days.

  • Temperature resistant
  • Reasonable price
  • High Dynamic Range Technology
  • Lacks advance features
  • Doesn’t have the Driver Assistance System


3. Halocam M1- Motorcycle Camera

Halocam M1 Motorcycle Dash Cam

Comes in a nicely done packaging, Halocam M1 motorcycle dash cam is among the best dash cam you are going to explore. The construction, durability, video quality, everything is top-notch.

You just need to assemble the parts together and mount them on your bike. The camera comes with a complete set of guides to help you with putting up the camera.

The most prominent thing about this dash cam is ‘NO CHARGING’. Yes, you don’t need to worry about getting it charged and take the charger with you at every single place. Just connect the camera with a motorcycle light or ignition switch with a power cord of 12V to 5V. That’s it.

Also, you get a USB connection facility, so, you can connect your dashcam to the power bank which, ultimately, keeps your dashcam running for days. Moreover, the cam has an external control button in order to get pictures of incidents or emergency situation and a video before and after taking photographs.

You just need to download the app and can easily get your dashcam connected to your smartphone. A 155-degree wide-angle camera captures the complete and crisp footage. Halocam cameras are among the best and top-quality cameras launched in recent times.

  • Better navigation
  • Loop recording
  • Complete protection sleeve
  • The body isn’t waterproof
  • Open SD-Card slot


4. Thinkware F800 Pro- Motorcycle Camera System

Thinkware F800 Pro

If you are looking for top-notch rare view recording then Thinkware F800 Pro is the best motorcycle dash cam you are going to find.

Generally, the cameras coming in the market these days have a dual-cam facility but the video capturing quality is not a par. However, Thinkware F800 Pro is specialized to capture crisp, clear, and vibrant videos from both cameras.

Ambarella A12 chipset enables the camera to record in 1080p simultaneously in both cameras, which is rare to find. Furthermore, a newly added feature in F800 Pro is geofencing. This feature gives you complete information about your vehicle like when it enters or exits a pre-selected geographic zone.

You can simply adjust the desired radius, ranging from 100m up to 600km. In addition, you can set up 20 different chosen geo fences. To add further, a built-in GPS antenna enables you to locate your vehicle.

Thinkware Cloud app provides you with all these advanced features to increase the security and protection of your vehicle. The driving impact feature enables the camera to automatically captures the footage of the incident completely.

Lastly, the parking battery saving mode reduces the battery consumption of the dashcam up to 3 times. So, you can easily go shopping in a mall for long hours without bothering about your motorbike.

Thinkware is among the top companies providing the masses with dash cams for cars and motorbikes to increase security. Thinkware F800 Pro is the best dashcam equipped with all the advanced features.

  • Night Vision 2.0
  • Ambarella A12 chipset
  • The advance driver assistance system
  • App connectivity issues
  • Expensive


5. VSYSTO- Motorcycle Dash Camera

VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam

This dashcam is specifically made for motorcycles to keep the driving experience safe and secure. The security of the vehicle has become of utmost importance these days.

Bringing you all the necessary security features, the VSYSTO motorcycle dash cam is among the best dash cam for video capturing. Front and rare both the cameras records in 1080p. Generally, the emphasis is majorly on the front cam only.

However, you are going to enjoy equally well-captured videos from both lenses. Also, the wide-angle camera of 150-degrees records every minute of details from all around the round, from one corner to the other. Also, a 6 layered glass lens with an anti-glare polarizing filter for better quality recording.

Moreover, charging the dashcam is also a major concern of the consumer. Generally, the camera runs out of battery and you miss out on major events getting recorded. Anyhow, in this case, you are saved.

The charger is connected to the motorcycle engine directly. Also, the USB connection available gives you another option of connecting the dashcam with a power bank.

The screen, in the motorcycle dash cam, is not present at all. But here you are getting a 3-inch LCD screen. Further, G-sensor automatically captures the video of impact and saves it separately. Also, loop recording keeps the camera running by automatically overwriting the oldest file with the newest.

Most of the accidents happen at night so it’s important to have a camera that has the ability to capture crisp and clear footage at night. VISTO dashcam has a night vision feature that automatically adjusts the light in bright and gloomy spaces.

On the whole, this is the best dash cam, with all the new and improved features, you are going to find for a better road experience.

  • Waterproof
  • 6-layered glass lens
  • G-sensor
  • Doesn’t have an advance driver assistance system


6. Garmin 55- Motorcycle Cam

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Garmin is known for its quality products for many years and every time they come up with something new and innovative.

This Garmin Dash Cam 55 can be used for recording in any kind of vehicle be it a car or bike. Garmin also focuses on the overall appearance of the product. So, you are going to find this cam not only fully equipped but also attractive.

This black, sleek and compact Garmin 55 is the best dash cam in every aspect. The most promising feature is the video quality in this dashcam.

It captures the footage in 1440p with high resolution. Also, an LCD screen of 2-inches is an added plus. Besides, there are many different kinds of sensors incorporated in this dashcam to increase the safety aspect.

G-sensor installed in the cam automatically captures and saves the footage if the impact. You don’t need to sift out from videos to search the footage of the incident. The footage before and after impact is also saved by the camera, automatically.

To add further, the driver assistance system enables the camera to notify you if the distance from the car ahead is too short. So, there is a warning notification for forwarding collision. Also, the camera is going to give alerts if you are driving off the lane.

Moreover, to save your time, a new feature has been added to the camera and that is voice control. Yes, you can control the camera with your voice. You just need to say ‘OK Garmin’ and there you go.

With built-in Wi-Fi, you can easily transfer files. All in all, Garmin Dash Cam 55 is here to stay.

  • 2-inch LCD screen
  • Driver assistance system
  • Fiddly menu system


Why you need a dashcam for your bike?

Probably, why anyone would want to have a dashcam for a motorcycle. As the automobiles on the roads are increasing so do the accidents and crimes. There are incidents happening on the road on regular basis. There has to be a recording saved with you if you encounter an accident.

Also, the cams not only provide you with the recording but also give information about your vehicle and its whereabouts through GPS.

So, a dashcam is a necessity at this time. One should really have a dashcam mounted on his/her bike for complete security.

How to choose the right and best motorcycle dashcam? Buying Guide:

There are certain things that should be kept in mind to eliminate confusion and buy the best dash cam according to your needs.


It is very important to consider the construction and size of the dashcam. Gone are the days of big and hefty looking gadgets. Now, the demand is for sleek and compact devices. Also, there is barely room for things to be put on a bike. So, it is very important to check the size of the dashcam.

A small dash cam can be mounted easily on any desired place at a proper angle.

Weather protection

As motorcycles are directly facing all the weather, so, the dash cams used for motorbikes need to be weather resistant. Bikes are facing direct sunlight, heat, and cold weather, also, rain. So, a dashcam for bikes must be made to bear all the extreme weather conditions.


As mentioned above, the dash cams on motorcycles are facing all the weather conditions directly, it is of utmost importance to check the construction of the camera you are going to buy. Always, check the quality of the material being used in the production of the dashcam. Always pick the best quality product.


The main thing is your budget. You can’t spend money randomly on any other product. Also, you need to check that the specifications in the camera are justifiable with the given price. Don’t put stress on your pocket and always try to but things that are moderately priced. Don’t run for expensive products blindly.


Although all the above-mentioned dash cams are the best motorcycle dashcam in the market these days, our personal favorites are

  1. Garmin Dash Cam 55
  2. Thinkware F800 Pro

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