Best Dash Cams for Cars in 2021 [Car Cameras]

The world is slowly coming out of the lockdown and people are adjusting to the ‘new normal’. As people are getting back to their routines, the traffic on the road is increasing again and so does the demand for the best dash cams for cars. With increasing traffic, you are more susceptible to some unfortunate incident or can be a witness of anything impactful.

Therefore, the focus is back on the road security gadgets that make the journey on the road more safe and secure. If you are trying to choose to invest in the best dashcam 2021 for your vehicle then you are on the right track. Here you will find one of the best dashes cams for cars out there in the market.

Though the dash cams for cars are small in size they capture uncompromising footage of each and everything your vehicle passes by. However, there are several things that should be kept in mind while buying the best dash cams for cars.

But the question that rises first is.

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam is a dashboard camera that is mounted inside a vehicle, generally, on the windshield. Dashcams do many things depending upon the model you are using. Other than the video, dash cams also record audio, provide a connection with your smartphone, and can send files stored in it.

Top 10 Best Dash Cams for Cars Reviews

The following are the best driving dash cams you are going to find in the market.

Top Rated Best Parking Mode Dash Cam - Reviews

NameRatingCheck Price
NEXTBASE 522⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
THINKWARE U1000⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. NEXTBASE 522GW- Best Car Dash Camera

Best Dash Cams for Cars

Nextbase is the name that has long been associated with top quality dash cams. If you are looking for a camera that captures every minute detail, in-depth, and has high resolution then Nextbase 522GW will serve the purpose.

The latest Series 2 dashcam from Nextbase has brought a change in road safety. This latest dashcam has revolutionary new features that will make your road trip experience safe, secure, and enjoyable.

Firstly, this best dash cam for the car has built-in Alexa. Built-in Alexa helps you in many ways. You don’t need to take your eyes off while playing music, place calls, or get directions. Furthermore, the wide-angle lens incorporated in it records video for you in high definition.

As you start driving, the camera starts recording video constantly, which is called loop recording. How much the dashcam records depend on three different factors; resolution, frame rate, and the size of the memory card.

In addition, the Nextbase dash cam is equipped with night vision so the recording is clear at any time of the day or at night in any weather. Just turn on the camera and record high-quality images of everything that crosses you on the road.

In case you encounter an accident, you can slow down the camera frame by frame, with the facility of 30 extra frames per second, which makes it easier to observe every minute detail. Along with the extra frames, you get a touch screen with a 2.5-inch display.

The feature that makes it one of the best das cams is cloud storage. Yes, you can enjoy the spec of cloud storage. You can view and share video footage through MyNextbase cloud storage.

Having said this, another feature that makes this camera one of its kind is emergency SOS response. SOS response means that in case of an accident, the dashcam will send emergency alert services at your location through GPS. Also, this emergency alert sends your medical details as well, like your blood type, allergies, and other paramedic histories.

Furthermore, an intelligent parking mode is also installed in this dashcam. While your car is parked with ignition off, this intelligent parking mode turns off everything on the dashcam but, through its GeForce accelerometer sensor, it keeps recording bumps, knocks, or any other movement around your vehicle for 3 minutes.

Also, you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to send files. Besides, you can use it to monitor your kids by changing the mode of your dashcam. All in all, Nextbase 522 provides you with safer road experience.

  • Amazon Alexa built-in

  • Not expensive

  • High resolution
  • SOS sensor
  • Nextbase cloud storage
  • No SD-card
  • video isn’t class-leading


2. GARMIN 66W- Best Car Camera

Best Dash Cams for Cars

One of the best dash cams in the market these days is Garmin dash cam 66w to capture video of an accident or a scenic view on the road. As the trend of dashcam has boosted, all the companies producing dash cams come to try to come up with something new and different.

This time Garmin has launched a highly compact and visibly pleasant-looking best dash cam for the car which will provide you high-quality footage of your road trip. This sleek-looking camera remarkably captures videos without coming in your way.

Also, there is upward and downward routing provided two power cables. In addition, this camera comes with an extra-wide 180-degree angle that captures crisp, vibrant, and high-resolution videos for you.

Furthermore, Garmin quality HDR enables us to capture clear videos of everything even at night. So, you don’t need to stress whether the cam will be able to give you clear videos in dim light. Also, this cam saves the location of the point where the video was captured. In case of an accident or any other incident, this camera provides you a complete proof.

Besides, there are very few dashcams in the market that automatically start recording videos of incidents and with the auto-save feature, the recording gets saved automatically. However, you’ll need to put an 8GB micro SD card in it.

To facilitate you better, the Garmin 66w dashcam has multiple cameras installed in it to provide you with top-quality videos from different directions. With the Garmin Drive app, you can simply connect your smartphone with the dashcam and watch videos on your mobile.

Another striking feature in the Garmin dash cam is voice commands. Yes! You don’t need to take your eyes off the road and press buttons to pause and play, start and stop the video. You just need to say ‘OK Germin, save video’ and ‘take a picture’ and the cam starts following your order.

Lastly, with some sensors incorporated in the dashcam, this compact Garmin 66w cam starts giving lane departure warnings when you are going off the lane, give you alerts to encourage safe driving in case of forwarding collision, and red-light alerts to tell you of a nearby signal.

But some jurisdictions allow the use of this device and some not. So, you need to check whether this cam is allowed in your jurisdiction or not.

  • Compact design
  • Multi cameras
  • Different sensors included
  • Wide-angle

  • The Voice command feature doesn’t work smoothly every time
  • Restricted by some jurisdictions
  • Lens distortion
  • A bit expensive


3. GARMIN TANDEM- Best Dash Cam for Car

Best Dash Cams for Cars

Garmin has always come up with something new and different from its previous model. This time, also, Garmin has tried to give its customers something new and fresh from other dash cams out there in the market.

Talking about the range this dashcam gives, having dual-lens says it all. Yes, this dash cam comes with the feature of a dual cam with a 180-degree wide-angle. These days it is important to monitor what is happening inside and outside the car. Especially, for taxi drivers, it is necessary to keep an eye on the passengers.

With a high-resolution camera, the dashcam records 1440p HD video from the front camera to record every large and small detail. Inside cam records in 720p which is also not bad. As the camera is not a touch screen, you’ll need to connect it with your phone to watch the footage.

Furthermore, with exclusive night vision technology, you can witness everything inside the car recorded at night. Besides, you are provided with two USB slots. So, along with your smartphone you can charge and dashcam on the go.

As this dashcam does not have a touch screen feature, that too because of the dual-lens feature, you will need to have Garmin Drive app to have control over the dashcam. You don’t need to take SD-card out of the cam to watch anything. As it gets connected to your mobile, you can easily watch the footage on your smartphone.

In addition, despite not having a touch screen, still, you can give voice commands to play or pause the recording. Just say ‘OK Garmin, save the video’ and it’s done. You don’t need to press buttons or touch the screen of your mobile for this purpose.

Through the Wi-Fi connection, you can save and share videos by using the Garmin Drive app. Also, built-in GPS provides you with accurate locations of the recorded videos. Furthermore, if you are going to a desert or any place with extreme temperatures you don’t need to worry. Designed for the automotive environment, this dashcam captures videos in places with complete sun exposure.

Lastly, with parking surveillance mode, the dashcam records videos of outside and inside the vehicle with ignition off. All in all, this camera provides you with all the necessary features that you need to have in your dashcam.

  • Compact design
  • Dual lens
  • Two charging slots
  • Garmin Drive storage
  • NightGlo technology
  • No touchscreen
  • Garmin app doesn’t work smoothly every time
  • Restricted by some jurisdiction
  • The Voice command feature is a bit clunky when you are out on a motorway


4. VIOFO A129 PRO DUO- Best Car Dash Cam

Best Dash Cams for Cars

Though Viofo is not a common name in the market but the latest models from this company are among the best. If you want a fruitful utilization of your money then the Viofo A129 pro duo serves the purpose.

This dashcam gives you phenomenal recording in 4K which provides 4 times better recording than usual HD recording. The front camera has a wide-angle of 130-degrees providing you the crisp, clear, and complete recording of everything you pass by on the road.

Furthermore, with the front and rear camera, you can record everything happening inside and outside the vehicle. This Sony camera has an 8MP IMX317 sensor on the front camera and IMX 291 Sensor at the back camera to record clear and detailed video in ultra HD 4K resolution.

Unlike the rest, its night video recording is actually good. With super night vision technology, this dashcam records crisp and clear footage with an 8 Megapixel image sensor along with an upgraded 7-glass F1.8 lens aperture.

In addition, with WRD (wide range dynamic) technology, the Viofo A129 pro duo automatically maintains the light balance at too dark and too bright places and provides its consumer with clear footage. This makes it easier to read road signs and number plates.

Loaded with different features, Viofo makes you stress-free with its buffered parking technology. With this technology, the camera starts capturing video of an event 15 seconds before up to 30 seconds after an impact.

This feature serves the purpose of a true parking mode. If you want to enjoy this feature smoothly, then you need to buy Viofo HK3 hardwire cable separately with the cam. Along with auto-event detection mode, it has time-lapse mode and low bitrate recording mode as well. A low bit-rate recording mode is used to save storage space.

Also, with built-in dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, the rate of transferring data is amazing. You don’t need to wait for hours to transfer your files. Besides high-speed Wi-Fi, built-in GPS logs the current speed and GPS location, simultaneously.

Likewise, a strong connection with satellites auto-corrects the time of the dashcam. So, this dashcam records the footage with accurate speed and time readings. So, if you want to buy a new dashcam for your vehicle, then this product should be on your bucket list.

  • Buffered parking mode
  • Storage of up to 256Gb
  • Sony Exmor R Sensor

  • Bulky looking
  • Lots of trailing wire; messy.
  • Cloud storage not available


5. SYLVANIA– Dash Camera

Best Dash Cams for Cars

SYLVANIA is one of the top multi-dimensional brand known for top quality products all across the globe. This time it has come up with a very different dashcam for a safer and secure travel experience.

With the increasing demand for a dashcam, companies are trying to put different features to grab the attention of the masses. It has done the same thing and has launched a new dashcam DRV-130.

DRV-130 comes with a complete 3.0-inch full-color TFT display with Autarke wide quad HD and a 3.7 Megapixel camera. This dashcam captures high definition footage with an ultra-wide-angle camera of 144-degree.

Furthermore, an integrated drive assistant system makes your driving far more secure. For example, if you are driving off the lane then the dashcam will notify you. Similarly, the dashcam gives a warning when the distance from the car ahead is too short.

Along with the drive system, another added feature is G-sensor. G sensor is an event detection sensor that enables the camera to start recording automatically before and after impact. With built-in GPS, the camera identifies the exact and accurate location of the accident/impact.

Besides, the camera is capable of storing a whopping 16Gb of data with 2 micro SD-cards. In addition, drive reviewer software is installed to manage records. You can place DRV-130 either on the dashboard or you can mount it on the windscreen.

To enable parking surveillance mode, you need to CA-DR100 hardwired fitting with DVR-130. This mode record video of any impact or movement around your vehicle when the ignition is off. So, if you are looking for a reasonable dash cam, from a top brand then SYLVANIA is a good option.

  • 144-degree wide-angle camera
  • High storage capacity
  • G-sensor
  • Visibly not pleasant
  • Navigation is fiddly
  • Not have cloud storage


6. THINKWARE TW-F770- Mirror Cam

Best Dash Cams for Cars

Thinkware has set the bar high with its latest TW-F770 dash cam to provide its consumers with a safer and secure traveling experience. TW-F770 has the general features present in-dash cams but, these features are improved and upgraded.

With a 140-degrees wide-angle camera, Thinkware TE-F770 captures crisp and clear footage of your journey on the road. This sleek-looking deep black dash cam comes in nicely done packaging.

Talking about its features, this new and improved webcam comes with WDR (wide dynamic range) technology. This mode captures the video and automatically balances the light in too dark and too bright areas to make the video look more appealing.

As it is not a regular touch screen cam, you will need to download the Thinkware Dashcam Viewer app which is available in OS and iOS versions, both. So, you simply need to download the app and get your dashcam connected to your smartphone.

Likewise, you can enjoy parking surveillance mode as well. This mode enables the dashcam to provide you the video before and after the impact. In this mode, your dashcam captures every minute of movement around your vehicle. But you need to have TWA-SH hardwiring cable to enable this mode.

Furthermore, super night vision 1.0 enables the dashcam to record clear footage in dim light or even at night. Besides, the time-lapse mode enables the dashcam to record videos for long periods of time without increasing power consumption.

Similarly, there are other features installed as well to facilitate the consumer like motion detection and impact detection. Also, an advanced driver assistance system ensures a safer driving experience.

A forward-collision warning system gives an alert if the distance from the car ahead is too short. Similarly, a lane departure warning systems notify when you are driving off the lane. Safety camera alert mode notifies you about speed camera and red-light signal.

Lastly, an integrated thermal protection system enables the camera to work in extreme temperature conditions. All in all, if you want a regular but top-quality dashcam Thinkware TW-F770 serves the purpose.

  • Crisp and clear footage
  • Clear night-mode
  • Wide dynamic range technology

  • No rear camera
  • No touchscreen
  • Buttons are fiddly


7. BLACKVUE DR900S-2CH- Camera for Car

Best Dash Cams for Cars

This cylindrical dash cam is among the best out there in the market, in terms of quality and features. DR900S-2CH is the most anticipated 4K webcam from Blackvue. This time Blackvue has come up with something different and improved.

The main feature of the camera is to record in top quality. All other features are secondary and Blakvue DR900S-2CH has highly improved video quality with a wide-angle front camera of 162-degrees and a rare camera of a 139-degree wide-angle.

The 4K UHD camera makes the captured scenic views look even more attractively picturesque. The high bump in the resolution of this dash cam makes DR900S-2CH a strong competitor among other dash cams.

Talking about its other features, this camera is very handy. Gone are the days of those hefty looking cameras. This camera has a sleek design that grabs attention instantly. Also, the front 8 Megapixel sensor camera records footage so much in detail that you can even read the license plate from a distance.

Besides, the video quality of the rare camera is also not bad. If you are a taxi driver and want to have a check on your passengers then this dashcam is surely going to help you a lot. Though this camera is relatively expensive, quality matters above anything.

However, it is often observed that high video quality camera takes a toll on the storage. But you don’t need to worry about this. Blackvue has saved you. Yes! With the new H.265 HEVC (high-efficiency video coding) technology, the video files stay small so you can record long videos in HD.

Likewise, the files are small so it takes only a matter of seconds to transfer them. Anyhow, even if some recorded files are heavy, the dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi transfer files at breakneck speed. Besides, cloud das cam features ensure the protection of your data.

You just need to download the Blackvue app which is available in OS and iOS. To sum up, with all the basic features in the improved version this dashcam is surely here to stay.

  • Cloud storage
  • 8 Megapixel front and 2.1 Megapixel rare camera.
  • 4K UHD camera and high resolution

  • Expensive
  • The installation process is tricky
  • Videos at dim light are a bit ambiguous


8. VANTRUE N2 PRO- Car Dash Cam

Best Dash Cams for Cars

Acclaimed one of the best dash cams by Business Insider, Forbes, Wirecutter, etc., Vantrue N2 Pro is the best driving partner you are going to have. This is the most desires uber dashcam for rideshare and taxi drivers in the market.

As the search on amazon is increasing overwhelmingly, many new companies are launching dash cams. Vantrue is a Chinese company and offers you the same quality and security at almost half a price.

With an advanced NOVATEK NT96660 processor, this cam works smoothly for long hours without causing any disturbance. Moreover, the front camera has a wide-angle of 170-degrees that captures for you all the beautiful scenic views and any unfortunate incident.

Also, the rare camera records the interior for complete monitoring with a 140-degree angle wide camera.

Furthermore, the front lens which is the most important part of any camera consist of six-layered glass. In case of any unfortunate incident, your camera and its lens are not going to get damaged. Moreover, a whopping f/1.8 aperture captures clear and crisp images. Also, HDR technology enables the camera to balance the lights for explicit video.

The second lens f/2.0 facing the cabin is supported by 4 LED lights to provide you a clear and vibrant image of a gloomy or dark interior. For security, there is also a built-in microphone to record sounds.

To enhance the security factor, 24 hours parking mode allows the dual camera to start recording whenever it detects any impact or motion around, automatically. Besides, you don’t need to start or turn it off again and again. It automatically starts working with the ignition on and off.

With temperature resistance technology, your dash cam can bear extreme hot and cold weather conditions. G-sensor enables the cam to record footage for a few seconds before and after impact. Lastly, it supports up to 256Gb micro SD-card so many of your long hour recordings are saved.

  • Auto LED
  • Comes with a warranty of 18 months
  • Ultra-wide-angle lens
  • 5-inch display
  • Not Wi-Fi supported
  • Optional GPS
  • No related app available on OS and iOS platform


9. THINKWARE U1000- Car Video Camera

Best Dash Cams for Cars

A new benchmark in a dashcam is U1000 from Thinkware. This signature Thinkware model captures clear video in 4K UHD and boasts a comprehensive driver assistance warning system for safer and secure driving.

Though it’s not a dual cam you can add on a 2K UHD rare view camera and hard wiring for complete protection. The front lens captures uncompromised footage with a 150-degrees wide-angle. Also, anti-file corruption technology protects the stored file from data corruption.

Moreover, downgrading resolution allows you to change the video quality or compress the file, hence, providing you a dynamic recording experience. Although a rare view camera is optional, it also has a wide-angle of 156-degrees for impeccable recording.

However, it is observed that the cams with top-quality recording are usually short of power and the battery drains rapidly. Therefore, Thinkware has solved the issue by introducing a new Energy Saving 2.0 mode.

So, when the cam is on parking surveillance mode, the energy-saving 2.0 technology efficiently conserves power and impressively saves the battery up to 26 times. The cam goes on stand by mode but start recording events triggered by impacts.

The radar module enables the camera to prolong its parking surveillance mode by reducing power consumption. Radar Modules detects any motion around the vehicles and wakes the camera up to record 10 seconds before and after impact. The footage is saved in a particular folder in a micro SD-card. Video is not stored in case of no impact.

Furthermore, through Thinkware cloud technology, you can monitor the accurate location of your vehicle. The dashcam keeps sending you notifications on your compatible OS and iOS smartphone. Thinkware Cloud allows you to see what is happening in real-time (live view) remotely to monitor your vehicle.

Lastly, super night vision 2.0 with Sony Starvis balances the light and captures a clear image in gloomy areas, and reduces the noise as well. Coming with a 1-year warranty, this impressive U1000 is one of the best driving dashes cams out there in the market.

  • Anti-file corruption technology
  • Energy Saving Mode 2.0
  • Thinkware Cloud

  • Optional rear camera
  • Without an LCD touchscreen
  • Expensive


10. GARMIN MINI- Wireless Dash Cam

Best Dash Cams for Cars

If you want things clear, clean, and don’t like hefty and fiddly gadgets around then the Garmin dash cam mini is surely for you. Almost the same or less than in size from your car key, this dashcam is no less than any camera is recording crisp and clear footage.

The front camera captures the footage in 1080p HD with a wide-angle lens of 140-degrees. Moreover, automatic recording technology takes away all your stress. Just plug the camera into the power source of your vehicle. Set it and forget it.

You need to put an 8Gb micro SD-card, Class 10, or faster which are bought separately. Built-in Wi-Fi enables the dashcam to save and share files automatically on your compatible smartphone.

Furthermore, incident detection technology enables the camera to record the footage before, during, and after the impact. This sleek, discreet, and unobtrusive design dash cam comes with two power cables options for upward and downward routing. To sum up, this mini camera is perfect for regular use.

  • Compact
  • 1080P HD lens
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

  • No screen
  • No internal storage
  • No battery


How to buy the best dashcams for cars; Buying Guide

If you are a newbie and don’t have any idea what to choose from so many options given then this buying guide will be of great help. We will tell you here what to look for while buying a dashcam. Surely, this buying guide will narrow down your choices and made you select the suitable dash cam best for you according to your need.

The following are some basic features that will help you chose the best dashcams for cars.

Basic features

The basic features of dash cams, in general, includes their ease of use. The product you are going to buy should be easy to fix and use without complex settings and weird connection problems. So, the basic features of a dashcam are

Auto start and auto-recording

The dashcam you are buying should start recording automatically as ignition on. You don’t need to press the buttons every time you enter or leave the car to play and pause the video recording process.

In the case of parking mode, the camera keeps recording when even when the ignition is off.

Loop recording

Loop recording means that even if the memory storage is completely filled, the camera keeps recording the latest data while overwriting the earliest data. This makes the process of recording very convenient. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the limited storage capacity.

Secure attachment

The dashcam you are going to use should be attached to the windshield with a strong adhesive mount rather than a suction mount. Secure attachment of the dashcam is important as it’s very annoying if the dashcam keeps falling down because what is the purpose of putting up a cam if it keeps falling.

Field of view

The angle of the lens should neither be too wide nor too small. It’s often thought that a wide-angle lens is the best for better security and uncompromised recording. But that’s not the case. A wider angle makes the video too distorted and it becomes very difficult to see the happenings on the sides of the road.

So, you should choose that dash cam that provides you a normal viewing lens. The range should be about 125-degrees to 165-degrees. This is the optimal range to provide you with uncompromised footage without distortion, capturing the incidents even on the roadside.

Audio recording

Audio recording is very important. Now, the cameras coming in the market area with an in-built microphone to record the conversations. Through personal conversations are also get recorded you can edit them out.

But, for instance, if the police call you to pull over the vehicle and get involved with you in a conversation or you have an argument with someone on the road then, the audio recording could be of great help.

Other than these basic things you should see what other features the dashcam has to facilitate you further. These days dash cams in the market are loaded with features to improve the security level. So, you don’t need to rely just on the basic features. Try to look for some additional features to bring ease to your life.

Parking mode

With this mode on, the dashcam will keep recording footage even if the vehicle is off. The parking and surveillance mode enables the cam to keep recording the footage of anything under its radar.

For instance, you are not in the car and see your vehicle damaged, the only proof but major proof you are going to have is the video footage that the camera recorded for you under parking mode. The sensor allows the camera to start recording a few seconds before, during, and after the impact.

Wi-Fi and GPS in a dashcam

Nowadays, the dash cams are made with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi to provide the customer with information on the accurate location and rapid sharing of files. The built-in GPS enables the camera to locate the place of impact to help you navigate. Similarly, Wi-Fi connects the camera to your smartphone so you can easily see the recorded footage.

Video resolution

These days almost all the cameras in the market boast a 1080p full HD resolution. The difference comes with bitrate. Bitrate is basically the amount of information shown per second. Generally, the bitrate of a dashcam is 8-15 Mbps. The higher the bitrate, the higher the video quality.

Memory partitioning

Memory partitioning is the ability of the dashcam to save the file in a certain folder according to the nature of the video. For instance, if the recorded video is of an accident then the cam should store it in that section. If the video is of simple road travel then the footage should be saved in the folder made for simple videos. This will save your time from sifting out the videos.

Night vision

The night vision feature allows the camera to balance the light in gloomy and dark places and especially at night so that the recorded video appears crisp and clear. It happens, generally, that the video recorded at night or at darker places is not clear. You can’t even read the license plate. Night mode improves the footage quality.

The integrated driving assistance system

These days, an integrated driving assistance system has been established in the dash cams that have made driving more safe and secure. The dashcam impact detection mode gives an alert when the distance from the car ahead is too short. The dash cams also give an alert when you are driving off the lane.

These are some features that will surely help you to decide the best dash cam for you.


Although all the above-mentioned cams are the best dash cams for cars in 2021 out there in the market, our personal recommendations are,

  1. Kenwood DRV-830
  2. Thinkware U1000
  3. German dash cam 66w

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